Vision, Mission, Goals
Our Vision
Tohono O’odham Community College’s vision is to become the Tohono O’odham Nation’s center for higher education, and to enhance the Nation’s participation in the local, state, national, and global communities.
Our Mission
As an accredited and land grant institution, TOCC’s mission is to enhance our unique Tohono O’odham Himdag by strengthening individuals, families, and communities through holistic, quality higher education services. These services will include research opportunities and programs that address academic, life, and development skills.

Our Goals
  • To strengthen academic learning that will reinforce a strong competitive spirit to participate in an ever-changing society.
  • To include Elders as primary resources, instructors, advisors and counselors as a means of reinforcing Tohono O'odham Himdag.
  • To recruit highly qualified faculty and staff who are dedicated to the art of teaching, advising, and service specifically to the Tohono O'odham Community.
  • To ensure the integration of appropriate Tohono O'odham Himdag in the physical environment, curriculum, and processes of the college.
  • To ensure that curricular offerings are relevant to the needs of communities and individuals in fundamental skills; i.e., general reading, writing and math skills.
  • To establish a technology core that will enable the students and the broader community to meet the challenges of the future.


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