Residence Life

Tohono O’odham Community College is pleased to offer a residential experience for students on Main Campus. Each of the residential suites for students has shared living space (including a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and sitting area) and four bedrooms, each of which houses three students. The fourth suite is an apartment for Residence Life staff. Currently, there is no cafeteria on the campus, so students often cook together and also buy food from vendors who occasionally visit the campus.

Complete and return these three forms:

  1. TOCC Residence Life Application
  2. Residence Hall Policy and Agreement
  3. Roommate Questionnaire
Checking Into Your New Home
Have your TOCC student ID card or Photo ID ready. You will not be able to check in to your residence hall without one. Students will also not be allowed to move in without showing proof they have paid the damage deposit and key deposit. Students who plan to continue staying in the dorm
from fall to spring semesters may not have to pay the damage deposit and key deposit for spring based on the condition of their dorm suite.


Floor Plan of the Residential Units

Residence Life Policies
Tohono O’odham Community College is pleased to offer a residential experience for students. Living on campus is a privilege that will help students further their educational goals. The student housing is an alcohol-free, drug-free, and weapon-free environment. No smoking or chewing tobacco is permitted. Students are expected to attend class regularly and conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Policies are detailed in the Residence Hall Policy and Agreement, which resident hall applicants must read and sign.

Residence Life Director
For more information, please contact TOCC’s Residence Life Director, Ms. Annamarie Stevens, tel. (520) 383-8401 or



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